What Friends are For

To say I was down this week is an understatement.  However, my friends would not let me go too far.  You guys and ladies are the star of this week.  I had a friend even send me a private message asking me about getting my hurricane site going.  I don’t know if this is because she was interested in my well being or if she was interested in the storm and remembered the work I used to do as a hobby.  The key word is the same, “interested.”  This one word is what all of you shared this week.  It became the blood going through my veins.

I resurrected work I had not touched in almost two years, that was in the midst of a redesign when I abandoned it.  I put pieces back in place to get it to work, upgraded some pieces and discarded others.  http://hurricanes.jayctheriot.com is back in business.  I plan on continuing the design plans I abandoned due to lack of time.

The joy I received from that first map is incredible.  It sucked.  It threw errors in the programming like there was no tomorrow, but I generated a map with an updated version of a program I hadn’t touched in over two years.  It was an emotional success.

One big blow came yesterday when my wife and I received handicap plates and a hang-tag from the DMV.  I broke into tears as I signed for them.  It was an admission of what I have become.  I am doing emotionally “ok” now.  I have discarded my old goals as being unobtainable and am working on new ones.  I think redeveloping my hurricane site as a global monitoring station is in the plans.  It was almost there two years ago.

Aggravating my 14 yo is another.  I told her my plans to show-up at high-school dances in the wheel chair and a sheet of paper to insure chastity.  She was not enthused.  That child has been through so much.  I could write volumes about her and what the divorce and remarriage has done to her and now her having to deal with her father being remanded to a home-body.

But, there is a future.  I’m not sure what it will be.  However, I am sure that it will contain friends, children, my wife and hurricanes.  And, there will always be my faith in Him.  I don’t like being publicly religious, but He is always with me.  He has send his angels to be with me.  Those angels are you guys and ladies.

Thanks for reading,


P.S.  Hands are still on fire after a week.  I’m just accepting it.  Got a bladder PVR in a few hours to see if I’m draining all the way.  I doubt I am, but we are going to find out.  This is day 3 since the increase on Wednesday and I only had muscle tightening last night and minor spasms here and there.  Not “event” to report.  Progress!!!