What do I do to keep myself busy?

So, I have limited mobility.  I have limited ability,  My mind is about the only thing that works right, most of the time.  I have always been a thinker.  So, I think a lot.  I think mostly about information flows.  How knowledge flows from one person or object to another and then spreads.

Mathematics and Science sometimes use the term bifurcation, that is the transmission from one into two.  This occurs when people converse with one and another.  Another flow, the name fails me, is when one person or entity takes it to a large group of people that are in a geographically different location.  This happens when a symposium is given and speakers talk.

Then, there is the web theory.  The web theory is what the Internet and social media communications are built on, and why it is so intrinsically difficult, if not impossible, to control.  This is where I live.

Years ago, I started jayctheriot.com.  This was a place for me to tinker.  Then my tinkering started growing as my skill-set increase.  Now, jayctheriot.com is a landing page for a number of things that I a involved with in pushing information out to the globe.

A list of things that I can explain:

  • Web host for houmalittletheatre.com -> LePetit Theatre.  Love these guys.  I just provide them the hardware and bandwidth.
  • PaddleDownDaBayou.org -> My sister’s yearly event.  I’m trying to make her a single location where she can manage things.
  • security.jayctheriot.com -> Where I discuss security issues dealing with Internet Communications.
  • webmail.jayctheriot.com -> webmail front end for my email server
  • journey.jayctheriot.com -> where I do a data dump and catharsis dealing with my medical issues.
  • weather.jayscafe.net -> global severe weather tracking and analysis (also teaching me a lot about geography and other societies)
  • gallary.jayscafe.net -> dumping my photos.  Under-developed.  I plan on spending some time cleaning it up soon.
  • smetechguild.org, liturgy.smetechguild.org, newsletter.smetechguild.org, media.smetechgild.org  -> a bundle of services helping to support St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Houma, La and our Mobile App.
  • My internal (protected) system for monitoring the security of my household.  I have designed a motion-detection and recording system for my abode.  This allows me to know if the dogs are barking at someone trying to break in, or if they are welcoming my priest at the door.
  • kellyarts.net -> site hosting for my mother-in-law, a wonderful artist.
  • recordings.jayscafe.net -> site for me to publish recordings of concerts I attend.

In the breakup with my siblings, I was accused of living in a virtual world.  They were absolutely right.  I make connections with people all over the globe.  All through Internet communications.  I frequent irc.freenode.net channels #ubuntu, #mate, ##amiga, #ExtremeSpasticity and others with the handle “Jazzy_J.”  It is registered with freenode (and others), and I’ve been using the handle for two and a half decades.  My first journey onto IRC was the day of the Oklahoma City Bombing, April 19, 1995.  Before that, I was “Jazzy_J” on dial-up BBSs.

What I like most about IRC is the people all are looking for help.  I like helping them.  I have helped people in the wee hours of the morning in New Zealand, Australia, Kazakhstan, German, France, England and a host of other countries. It is an amazing form of communication.

The ability to transmit knowledge electronically from one location to another has always fascinated me.

I can’t do much.  So I have to live by the mantra, “Work smarter, not harder.”  The length of time that my body will allow me to do things in a day is severely limited.  The more labor intensive, the shorter the time span I can do it.  The tremors start, then cramps.  Along comes a low in coordination so I am remanded to a cane, walker or  a wheelchair, depending on the severity of the low.

A big “for example is now.”  I have a lot more to say, but my hands are increasing hurting and getting horribly uncoordinated.  So, I will close, while I can, say a short prayer, and fix me a cup of coffee.  I have my coffee service set up so I can work it in the worst of times from a wheel chair.  The Trinity and Coffee are two definites that give me comfort.

God bless and keep you all,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot