Utensil Solution!

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As many neuro-muscular patients can attest, holding onto eating utensils provides an embarrassing challenge.  The normal solution is to get utensils with oversized handles.  It seems that all of the solutions must use colors that a blind person could see from a mile away.

Imagine you are in a restaurant.  You are already calling attention to yourself because of the severe lack of coordination, or that you are using a mobility device.  So, now, it’s time to eat and you have high-intensity eating utensils.  It doesn’t add much in the positive to the ambience of the evening.

My wife and a mechanically inclined friend developed a solution:  1/2 acrylic tubing, placed over the handle of my utensils.  The tubing is clear and thus can barely be seen unless you are looking at it.  I have a problem with gripping things two hard.  The tubing provides flex and feedback. I have a problem with grasping small objects.  The tubing increases the diameter of the utensil.

A very inexpensive and sustainable idea that works like a charm.

In Christ!

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

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