Ugh, Did Somebody Beat Me Up?

Last evening, while my wonderful neighbor was visiting, the spasms returned.  I was very embarrassed.  I could not stay still.  I needed to move.  I couldn’t focus on her.  The pain was growing.

I ended up taking my nightly meds early.  There is one med, Horizant, that is extremely effective in limiting the voracity of the spasms.  For this, I am thankful.  However, it doesn’t eliminate them.  Sleep found it’s way into my life, thankfully.

This morning, I feel like someone took a baseball bat to me.  It must have been a hell of a night.  I hurt all over. It is not extreme pain as it has been.  This is only about level 5.  Of particular focus is my right shoulder, and neck.  I think my left foot is the only place that doesn’t really hurt.

The pseudobobular affect has introduced itself.  As one of my doctors suggested, it is caused by the massacre that is my neurological system and the combination of sedatives I’m taking.  As the Intrathecal Baclofen is increased the other meds should be reduced and then the psedobobular affect will fade.

The way I read it, is not only do I not have control of my muscles, but my emotions are gone as well.  Did I say “This Sucks” lately?

My life seems to be a huge catch 22.  If I don’t take the meds, I writhe in pain.  If I take the meds, I loose my mind.  This is a slow process.  It has taken 8 months to get to this point.  I don’t truly know how many more months before we hit some sort of stasis.

My main concern today is to not give in to the pain in all my muscle groups (even my glutes, I mean really, what a pain in the a**!, LOL)

Edit:  after about 2 hours of wakefulness, I succumbed.  Pain is at level 6+ and on the increase.  Hydrocodone taken.

Edit: My muscles are on fire!!! ugh!!!!!