Touched & a Reprieve

I have been at odds at myself trying to figure out how best to relay what happened.  I was going to have one part of it, where I elevate the article into spiritual terms, stubbed out and password protected.  However, I don’t believe that is what the Lord would want me to do.  So, I will continue my boldness and relay the story as best I can.  The reader is left to make their own decisions.

September 5th: My daily intake of Intrathacel Baclofen was increased to 495 mcg/day.  This was well below the average of about 800 mcg/day.

September 6th: As is the norm after an increase, lethargy is the rule.  However, during my birthday party, I fall ill and move to the bedroom, and after the party, to the livingroom floor which is my custom when I feel bad.  I like sleeping on the floor for comfort.

September 7th about 3 am:  Kathy came check on my and I was not doing so well.  I couldn’t even get myself into a push up.  I didn’t have the strength to rock back and forth.

The timeline gets blurry at this point.

Kathy had me summon strength to get in a wheel chair and I basically dove into the back seat of my car.  We went to my neurologists office.  At this point, I was still breathing and I was what is termed as a “Floppy Baby.”  It is a side effect from Baclofen overdose.  At some point, the decision to move me to the hospital was made and I was transferred to TGMC via ambulance.

Kathy relayed to me that I never stopped breathing.  I was transferred from ambulance to ER to CCU.  I evidently was conversant until they sedated me to get me hooked up to the machines.  I have sketchy recollections of this and they are all out of time line.

At some point between the ambulance ride and waking up in CCU, I experienced the following:

I awoke.  I was above my body, staring down at it.  My body was naked and contorting, contrasted against blinding white upon white.  I was screaming at the top of my lungs.  I was terrified.  The thought of this scene still makes my heart race. The time seemed to be an eternity.

Following this, the Word was revealed to me.  It felt as though I was in the presence of the Trinity. I was warm and comforted.  I could understand acutely every phrase from the bible I have every touched.

I regained cognizance in the CCU.  I was on a vent and could not speak.  The acute understanding faded before I regained the ability to speak and I know longer have that gift.

My muscles are almost normal again. My rigidity and pain is at a lower level than I have been in years.  Since the event, I have not used a cane or other mobility aid.

I have tried to interpret what I experienced, and may never get it right.  But, I have settled on this:

The Trinity showed me the difference between the absence of God and being surrounded by His warmth.  They stayed with me as long as I was in terror.  The lasting blessing is that I have use of my muscles again.

I do still have some issues, most notably is in my forearms and hands.  However, it could be from the large number of needles that pricked my skin.  My right arm is fairly bruised.

I have maintained from the beginning that God was showing me a new path and that he was carrying me on the beach.  I think for a while, as we flew, there was not even one set of footprints in the sand.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

Thanks for reading,

Jay C. Theriot