This is the New Normal (Insight into the real conditions)

NOTE:  This is my normal.  If you see my wife, children and I in public and this starts to happen, chances are, we won’t even raise an eyebrow at it.  This, is not the bad symptoms.

I’ll give you an insight into my condition. I’m sitting in a very comfortable chair, legs elevated on an ottoman. Arms supported. Everything relaxed.

My muscles are slowly tightening to violin strings.

My toes slowly crow. My face pulls taut into what feels like a frown. My chest tightens. My arms, legs, hands and feet all stiffen.

The pain crescendos.

Sometimes, there are tremors, cramps and spasms, other times, they just jump from 0 to 100.

I’ve already countered by taking the first round of my cocktail. I have to wait about 40 minutes to see if I’m still increasing. At that time, I go to round two.

If I go to sleep without waiting the 40 minutes and my body decides to increase, really bad things happen.

I end up being waken by what I call “lightning spasms.” My wife calls them “body quakes.”

The end result is the same. After my body is done contorting, I am left with numerous pulled muscles throughout my being.

Thus, I wait the 40 minutes before sleeping.

Extreme Spasticity remains the primary symptom of what I have.  It is not a diagnosis.  We are still searching for a name.  I have a tremendous group of health care providers.  I just got word that there are physicians elsewhere that may research my case.  I’ve got to write a summary for tomorrow.

To God Be the Glory,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot