They’re Back

I’m not happy.  I thought I was done with having tremendous pain.  Here it is, about 2 in the afternoon.  I’ve taken my oral Baclofen and Lortab and I can feel them start to work.  Pain level is about 6.

I started having small spasms in my forearms, calves and abdominal wall yesterday afternoon.  As the evening progressed, they spread throughout my person, but not my face. I am thankful they didn’t spread to my face.  Of all the places to have muscle twitching, the face is the worse.  You feel like a fish with a hook in its mouth.  The spasms were not severe enough to cause pain in and off themselves, but about 7:30 pm, I was done and had to go lay down for the night.

I thought I was over it this morning, until I took a shower.  I was standing in the shower and realized my legs were jelly.  I didn’t get the shower-chair, but I was glad when I was toweling off.

I made it out to a friend’s home, and had to leave after about 45 minutes.  I believe she knew I wasn’t doing so well.  My face gives me away.  The pain makes me look angry.  I grimace, and my voice changes.

I made it home and relaxed a few minutes.  Fixed me lunch, and took a Baclofen.  An hour and a half later, the Lortab, as the pain continued to increase.

I am frustrated with myself.  Every time I feel like I am developing some independence, my body reminds me why I have  a special license plate.

I was a world traveler.  Now, I can’t make it across town without paying a price.  I just turned 49. I know I should focus on things that I can do and not what I can’t.  The list of “cans” have become severely limited and inconsistent.

Will I ever be able to enjoy Jackson Square again? On a good day, filling a medium grocery list destroys me.

I will be fine.  I will stay positive and strong.  I just wish my wife wouldn’t have to open the NyQuil bottle for me.

Thanks for reading and God Bless us all,

Jay C. Theriot