These Boots are Made for Walking

Freedom Boots

As our journey continues, my wife and I have been finding things that work.  I will be embarking on an endeavor to describe these accommodations and/or modifications we have made that have impact on my abilities.  Some are simple devices that have a dramatic impact. Some are complicated, and they have very little impact.

Today, I want to focus on an almost too-simple freedom fighter:  “These Boots.”

I spent about 6 1/2 years in the Army, during which time I developed an absolute love for cross-country travel on my LPCs (leather personnel carriers.)  It should have been no surprise that resurrecting my style of footwear from those days would have lead to an increase in my freedom of movement.  However,  I just ain’t dat smart.

On a whim, during a painful shopping excursion with my wife, I decided to pick up a pair of boots, similar install to my old jungle boots, but a little more comfortable.  They were on clearance, the price is right. They went in the basket and went home.

Then, I put them on, stood up, and gasped.

Lacing them up properly and tight, they create a firm support that binds my lower calves’ movements to my feet.  They act, increasingly so, as a single unit.  The ability to stand and move in a way that resembles walking is increased what seems a thousand-fold.  My legs still will buckle and my range remains limited, but I am maximizing mobility with what tools I have.

If it seems as though I’m in love with these boots, I don’t know that I can deny that accusation.  They represent a good deal of freedom to me.  I’m looking for a second pair in black.  I found that being they were on clearance, the second pair is going to cost me an arm and a leg, but they will well be worth it.

If you see me walking around in shorts, T-shirts and my boots, feel free to laugh with me.  Yes, I won’t be asked to walk in a fashion show, but I will be vertical, standing in my “Freedom Boots.”  And, that, my friend, is worth a joyous noise.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot