There Back, But I’m Paying Attention

Ok.  So the spasms are back, and they are pissed.  But, I think I may have noticed a sequence of events leading up to the beginning.

  1.  Random zones of heat:  It feels like you have a heating pad on an area for about a minute, and then it moves.
  2. Small muscle cramps and tiny twitches.
  3. Knees really feel unsteady.
  4. Left side of face feels pulled.
  5. Mental confusion/anxiety
  6. Unsteadiness in the lower extremities lead to debilitation.
  7. Chest heavy, hard to breathe
  8. and.. then … they start.  Easy at first, then very painful.

Somewhere in there, I start sweating (drinking myself) and my legs swell.

In the after affects, what I’ve noticed is:

  1. sleep….. this immediately follows the peak of the spasms.  You sleep because the pain has put such a drain on your body and mind.
  2. You feel like you have been in a fight with a baseball bat and lost.
  3. You eat to replace your spent energy (anything, even leather from the couch)
  4. You sleep to repair the damage done to your body (this is good sleep)

I’ve taken narcotics.  I was a brave boy on Sunday.  I said, “screw that” today.  I’m tired, both mentally and physically.

Note:  My wife and daughter took over the soup-making and it was absolutely incredible.