Taste of Freedom, Memories of Things Past

Had a taste of freedom yesterday.  My wife took me to visit my neurosurgeon at Ocshner Main Campus on Jefferson Highway yesterday.  We left early, had lunch at Spahr’s in Des Alemendes and still arrived at the appointment early.


I ate at Spahr’s like a person that hadn’t seen food in a million years.  I think my social graces have taken a hit.  I ordered and consumed a beer…I slept the rest of the way to the hospital…

The appointment went well and I no longer have to wear the bandage that kept the pump pulled to my abdominal wall.  It seems to have attached itself.

On the way home, I reminisced about places I’ve been and made the realization I will likely never be there again.  I spent a good portion of my life traveling.  I’ve been to almost all the states in the Union, most of Canada, a portion of Mexico and several European Countries.

By contrast, a 5 minute excursion is an accomplishment these days.

I beg you, if you want to travel, to do it now.  You don’t know what tomorrow brings.

I do have hopes that I will be able to drive in the future.  “When?” and “How far?” are big questions that remain unanswered as of yet.

Yesterday’s trip from Houma to New Orleans and return left me exhausted.  Sitting in Spahrs, I started cramping and couldn’t remain still anymore, even with a beer in my system.  When I got in the car,  I prayed that the sleep time from Des Allemends to New Orleans would “reset” my system so I wouldn’t be completely debilitated at the Jeff Campus.  It worked.

While in the waiting room, I had a run in with one of God’s Angels.  A lady who insisted we call her Crazy Mary Anne.  She had a wonderful spirit, talking how her husband took care of her.  Her latest issue was the development of Glaucoma.  I gave her a big hug as we were called to our appointment.  I hope her journey contains beauty befitting her soul.

After we left the doc, not to return to her for another 5 years for pump replacement, I insisted we take the elevator to the 2nd floor.  I didn’t think of the huge down-slope.  I only thought that we parked on the 2nd floor of the garage and it was more efficient that way.

Note:  When you have trouble walking…. DO NOT WALK ON A FLOOR THAT IS TILTED!!!!!

About halfway down, writhing in pain and insecurity, I took my wife’s hand and meditated the rest of the way down.  There was a bench at the bottom.  I laid down, cursing myself for being so stupid.  Kathy retrieved the car.  I recovered enough and made it to the car.

Along the way home, Kathy helped me understand that my lack of mobility and ability to maintain control over my arms and legs would preclude me from driving any real distance.

I hope and pray that the Intrathacel Baclofen works its magic.  There are dreams left in my mind that my body must survive long enough for me to make the reality.

Thanks for reading,

Jay C. “Spazzy_J” Theriot