Sunday Mass and Birthday after affects

The day has left me counting the seconds until I can lay down. The pain is creeping in and I am fatigued. We had a conglomerate of people over for my mother-in-law’s birthday celebration and that was great. However, I am fatigued.

Minor, minor things require resources I don’t have. In the beginning I viewed my home as a prison. Now, it has become a refuge. I don’t want to claim to have agoraphobia, as I am not terrified of leaving. When I leave, getting back home is always welcome. Sometimes, I feel as if I don’t have the strength or the will to make it. And, then there is the physical cost.

I went visit my mother for about 45 minutes, with a 30-minute drive each direction. I was out of my home for less than two hours. This started a down-slope of ability that didn’t cease until Wednesday. I was able to function again on Friday.

Two hours out of the home = 4 days to recover. It’s a wonder I desire to do anything. I keep thinking: Tomorrow is going to be better. It’s always a day away.

Thanks for reading,
Jay C. Theriot