Suicide Em/Sympathy?

I feel that all the media hubbub surrounding the two star’s suicides is a bit like gun-control advocates going crazy after a school shooting.

The answer to preventing both is simple.  My wife tells me this all the time.  Be in the momment.  Don’t get on your phone.  Look someone in the face.  Physically touch them, not virtually.

There are a number of people that would benefits from personal contact as their situation denies them the ability to see people.

Make the effort now.  Go visit them. Take them to lunch. Give them your time.

I appreciate the $72,000 a restaurant dedicated to the cause, but donating money is not physically attending to someone.

I am not talking about myself.  This is not a plea.  I have people that I can, and do, talk to around the clock.  Working in IT for a number of years, your former peers are always working.

I have a hell of a family of people.  Few are biological.  But, people like JS and JG and a number of others are my bretheren.  I don’t need a phone number.  I’ve got their ears 24/7.  I sometimes fuss them for not sleeping as I’m crying on their shoulder.

Don’t only donate money to a cause.  That is nice, but it doesn’t address what you really need to do:  Give the people your time.

In Christ!

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot