Spectator of Humanity – Observations and Hopes

About the turn of the new year I became a spectator of humanity.  Not by choice.  If you have read anything I have written on https://journey.jayctheriot.com, you are acutely aware, being a spectator is definitely not my choice.  Prior to my debilitation, I had sites on running for public office.  Some people knew this, many did not.  The office is non-important, as I will likely never be able to walk a distance, much less stand the rigors needed for public service.

My windows to the world are quite limited.  The television, the two local newspapers and Internet communications means.  The television was the first to irritate me beyond belief.  News stories don’t get produced unless someone is shouting.  Anger, anger and more anger is the primo expression on network news.

Newspapers present me a physical challenge, but remain the mainstay of my information flow.  I had a disagreement with one of the distributors and cut the paper off.  That lasted three weeks.  They sent me an offer to return, and I jumped.  Truthfully, they could have tripled the price and I would have paid.  Paper continues to be a credible source of information, above and beyond the other media.

Internet communications, of which I am especially fond of, have near zero credibility.  There are ways of increasing their credibility, but the vast majority have no idea of what journalism, research and fair analysis is.  Their statements largely are hot-headed and one-sided and their producers have an agenda, either hidden or visible.

We, the people of the United States, have formed a co-dependency with the hot-heads.  We feed off of the heated statements.  As we feed, so they feed off of us with our advertising dollars.  Even if you don’t send them money directly, you are financially supporting them just by viewing their sights and engaging with their “click-bait.”

JayCTheriot.Com is not supported by advertisements.  My name is my website because I stand by every statement, every hurricane map, every scrap of information that leaves from the domain JayCTheriot.Com is a reflection of who I am.  If you look up my domain registration, you will find my home address and my personal cell number.  Wise?  Probably not.  But, then, that is my skin in the game.  I don’t shy away from my statements, but the field will be fair, and have a degree of eloquence.

My ten months of being a spectator leads me to the conclusion that we have lost respect for each other and differing opinions.  We have a disdain for mathematics.  I believe this disdain is a root cause for our distance from facts.  I fail to see how someone can understand population studies based on statistics, when we don’t have even an elementary grasp of what statistics is.  With a twist of a word, a statement that seemingly supports an opinion can be made to disprove it.

In the last national and state elections, a common term used was “sheep.”  From my observations, I conclude we are all sheep.  I feel a better characterization is that we are marionettes.  The hot-heads are the puppeteers and we are behaving just as they want us to.

Not everything is news-worthy.  Not everything is a slight against you personally.  People have the right to have differing opinions and ideals.  Diversity is what made this country great.  Conformity is what ensures authoritarian regimes prosper.

Embrace your neighbor.  Debate your ideals.  Respect theirs.  The winner is the one who serves coffee the next time, as well as the one that receives the cup.  If another conversation is not had, then you both lose.

I fear we are losing.  We need to learn to listen with respect for each others rights. And we need to respect each other as we respect our-selves. Hot-headed comments need to stop.  We have been given a tremendous tool for communication.  Let us not destroy ourselves with it, as we have been.

I am not calling for a Utopian-feel-good society.  As appealing as that sounds, there is no such thing.  We must work to be given the future.

Thanks for reading and God Bless,

Jay C. Theriot