Small Accomplishments

  1. Walked around the block with Kathy yesterday morning.
  2. Drove myself to doctor & Rally’s and home.
  3. Walked around perimeter of two blocks with Kathy this afternoon.
  4. Five minutes on lowest setting of recumbent exercise bike (almost killed me, but done.)

I feel the need to continue to be in front of this thing.  I’m going to begin researching what exercises I can do to help stave off the effects.

I suspect that stretching will be the major part of keeping the spasticity at bay.  However, there must be strengthening exercises I can do. The key will be to return the muscle to a relaxed state at the end of a workout and then rest afterward.

Kathy and I went tour a gym today.  She won a free two week pass.  It is highly unlikely that we will become members there because they want an 18 month commitment, and they have no pool.

Hydrotherapy is what the doctor is suggesting.  For that reason and the fact the I get a veteran’s discount at the YMCA, a membership there is all but a fore-gone conclusion.  However,  what I did see is a video room with stretching information.  I plan on assaulting that tomorrow.  I am beginning to feel like Number 5 on short circuit.  “I need input!”  “Number 5 is alive.”

I was asked by a close friend today if the doctor told me when I could expect the symptoms to return.  The answer is no.  We don’t know what causes the spasticity in my case.  However, we all believe that the collapse gave my muscles time to heal and rest and that we are currently in a much better place than we were prior to the collapse.  I am taking much less medicine.  I am considerably more mobile.  The pneumonia is gone.  I have a few more days on the MRSA antibiotics.  I sweated today and felt good.  Yesterday, I would sweat and then have to sleep 3 hours.

Mom-in-law is characterizing it as a miracle.  Kathy says it’s a second chance. I’m feeling considerably thankful that I can move and that He put an end to almost nine months of continuous suffering.  I look on this past year almost as a dream.  I can’t imagine that I was in that amount of pain for so long.

It is my sincerest prayer and mission that I don’t get that way again.

Thanks for reading,

Jay C. Theriot