Short and Sweet

We are now around 380 mcg/day.  The increase was yesterday morning at 7 am and I’ve already experienced a spaz attack.  However, it was short lived (praise the Lord).  However, I am now feeling my muscles tighten like a snare.

It is weird in that, with the increases in medication, I am now feeling more aware.  It’s one in the morning and I don’t feel like sleeping.  I just took a pain pill because my fingers and toes are contorting with the spasticity, but I don’t feel like sleeping.  Before you say, ewwww… I have to say it is kinda funny watching your digits do things they shouldn’t.  There isn’t a lot of pain associated with the digits… the pain comes mostly from the lactic acid build up.

I fear I am growing thin in my resolve.  The people that are supporting me through social media can’t imagine how much their words mean to me.  Today, they kept me going.  I was hoping for a couple of good days following the increase.  My body thought otherwise.  I watched as my condition quickly deteriorated and I just wanted to stop it, but I was powerless.  My wife asked me what she could do.  I said “nothing.”

We are making progress.  I feel decidedly different with this increase.  When I am not in an event, I am considerably more mobile.  I didn’t even have to walk with a cane, until the event started.  Then, I went straight to the chair.  Only now, a dozen hours later, am I walking with the cane again.  And that was a short event compared to the last two I had, each lasting around 36 hours.

TMI follows!

In one of my earlier writings, I alluded to the fact that I have trouble in all necessities of life.  This Saturday, I’m having a scan done of my bladder to see if it’s emptying properly.  I doubt that it is.  When the rest of my body tightens, so does the sphincter that controls the exit to my bladder.  I take as long to urinate as normal people take to ….  I’ve been drinking cranberry juice almost exclusively.  I find it helps considerably.

I wish I could write more.  God knows I want to.  But, my arms say no.

Thanks for reading,