Why This Page? Who is Jazzy_J

Jay C. “Jazzy J” Theriot is a Father, Mother, Husband, Veteran, former TS-SCI clearance holder, mathematician, computer engineer, and bad comedian.

In two years time, he went from being a key engineer on a team responsible for converting over 15,000 computers from XP to 7 and over 600 programs to operate on the same; to where he is now, limited mobility, and bound to his home.

This page began as his information repository.  It has grown to the joint purpose of not only providing him a cathartic experience, but helping many affected by neuro-muscular disorders such as Kennedy’s Disease (KD). He is tremendously touched by the number of people that have send private messages of thanks and support.  The recognition is wholly unexpected.

He hopes that you find value in the research and his words.  If he can help one person or family in doing this, then he has succeeded in his task.

Bruce Gaughran is another KD blogger.  His page, https://kennedysdisease.blogspot.com/, is much more mature than this one. I encourage you to check out his page as well.

KD doesn’t shorten your life span.  It destroys your mobility and attempts to kill your spirit.  We are survivors and warriors.  Everyday we wake up and that day is a gift.

I pray you find gems in these pages.

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

Jay C. Theriot can usually be found as “Jazzy_J” on the IRC Channel #ExtremeSpasticity on Freenode.net –> see: irc://irc.freenode.net/ExtremeSpasticity  You will need an IRC Client such as HexChat to connect.