Rough Week, but Recovering

This last week was a series of blunders, on my part.  I should have been more careful, but, was not.

I fell once this week.  And I pulled the same muscles earlier in a mishap with the coffee pot.

However, my muscles seem to be “OK” this morning.  I’m going to attempt the recording of church service today with the help of my youngest daughter.  I think I can do it.  I think I’ve got everything down.  I just need to adjust the camera and recording brightness.

I am looking forward to the future.  I have glimmers of hope amongst the darkness.

My father is in ICU and may recover.  I’m getting scant information.  I’ve had to electronically block another one of my family.

It tears me up.

I may pick up web-hosting for a diocesan mission today.  I’ll find out later in the day or tomorrow.  I hope to be able to share my resources with the larger congregation.  I would be nice to be able to share my talents.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot