Reading List (Things I need to read and digest)

This article suggest a link between low HDL (I have) and loss of cognitive function for a small population of people that have some form of neuro-muscular disorder (I have)

Question is how to raise HDL to the appropriate level or higher to preserve brain function?  The movie Lorenzo’s Oil comes to mind.  I’ve researched it and it does give somewhat distorted, but also accurate information.  The disease, ALD is not related to what I have.

My problem is that I have MS-like symptoms without neurological lesions caused by the demyelization of the neurons commonly blamed for the symptoms I have.

My nerves are genetically screwed.  Their myelin is fine.  They just suck.  They are dying from the inside.  How do you fix the inside of a nerve?

Still with a low HDL, it looks bad for the years to come.  I need to talk this over with my medical team.