Publication Decisions

I’ve decided to reactivate my “Journey” site, albeit with some changes.

  1. I’ve decided that I will not auto-publish to social media the more personal articles.  They will still be publicly available, but the interested party will have to go directly to to access the pages.  My reason is entirely selfish:  I do not want to see them once I type them.  They bring me pain to write them and every time I see them, I relive the pain.
  2. Wednesdays, I will publish an article on accomodations/modifications my wife and I have done to enable me to perform a mundane task either more efficiently or just to be able to do it.  This series aims to help those with mobility and ability issues.  In that, I hope they can be inspired by my efforts.
  3. Fridays, I will publish a spiritual article relating a Biblical passage or other spiritual phrase of significance to my life.  I have read many spiritual texts other than the Bible and they have many good things to say.  One of my favorite non-Christian texts is the Tao Te Ching.  Another area is that of the Wiccans.  I plan on relying on my innate spiritualism to bolster my spirits and increase the presence of my aura.

My medical situation is not looking very bright.  I’m making these changes so that those that wish to see the intrinsic details of my condition can do so by either traveling to the website or subscribing via email and getting the updates when I post them.

Those traveling to the website, can expect brighter, more joyous colors.  I plan on featuring some of my photographs.  The goal is to provide a little piece of joy, among the sadness.

My future can be bright.  But, I have to make it so.  My family and I have been handed blow after blow.  There is no end in sight.  My new Journey begins now.  The Journey is for a brighter tomorrow.  It is a Journey of “Acceptance without Surrender” as is the mantra of this page.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot