Potential Theory Breakthrough

I’m feeling fairly good today.  Muscles are quite sore from the last 4 days, but they are healing.

We can whole-heatedly claim the cocktail worked as we broke the cycle of events that leaves me destroyed.  This further supports my theory of why I was in such bad shape prior to surgery and afterward leading up to the collapse and why the collapse seemed to “reset” my body.

My theory is that the muscles get damaged and don’t have time to heal between attacks from my neurological system.

I can further say, with some assurance that the keys to sustainability and improving my quality of life includes:

  1.  prevent muscle damage from the attacks,
  2. provide rapid healing if #1 fails.

Two very lofty goals.

Muscle damage can be mitigated by taking the cocktail early in the ramping-up sequence after early identification of the appearance symptoms.  Thereby protecting my skeletal muscles from the attacks from the neurological system.  The difference in minutes is critical.  I am aware that my body is in constant spasm.  When I am still, I can feel minute spasms occurring all over my being.  Only in intensity are there differences between my baseline and a major event.  Taking the medications may remove me from the ballgame, but preventing the damage allows me to re-enter life considerably sooner.

An additional strategy is fitness.  I need to get my skeletal muscles in shape so they can better absorb the damage.   We are addressing this, but not as well as I feel I should.  There is a moving hidden fine line between doing good and doing damage to my muscles.  I have rode my stationary recumbent bike, felt amazing during and immediately afterward and then thirty minutes later, entered my wheelchair, not to leave for a few days.

I have to research methods of addressing #2, rapid healing.  Currently, all I have is diet and RICE.  But, I can’t always be resting, waiting for the next attack.  Potentially, sports medicine can provide methods of rapidly healing skeletal muscles similar to what is provided for professional athletes.  At least, I’m hoping that is the case.  My knowledge base is severely limited in this area.

I believe I have things to speak to my doctors about.

God Bless,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot