Patchwork Fabric of Friends

#KennedysDisease #SBMA #Success #ExtremeSpasticity, #AcceptanceWithoutSurrender

I am simply amazed at my “Fabric of Friends.”  In the last several days, they have really shown who they are.  They send me jokes, book recommendations, inspirational phrases, phone calls, visits and the like.  All that they give are pieces of themselves.  All are woven into a fabric that brings me great joy.

Before I began this journey, I took my friends for granted. I horribly undervalued them.  I am beginning to see their value.  If you offered me a million, billion dollars, I would not trade one of them.  To do so would be to cut out a piece of my heart.

I sit back and reflect on their individual personality traits and am simply amazed at the fabric they weave.  I am horrible with descriptive words in this area.  The fabric is composed of many diverse people in creed, perceived success, age, gender, nationality and job inclinations.  Each brings a rich thread of diversity into my life.

I thank the Lord for bringing them to me.  They all have my extreme thanks, honor and praise.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

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