Modifying Baclofen Ingestion

For spasms, cramps, spasticity and a host of other issues, Baclofen is our weapon of choice.  To borrow a descriptive phrase, Baclofen is the “frenemy” of people with muscular atrophy.  That is, taking the meds reduces the spasticity, but increases the rate of atrophy.

What I have begun doing is instead of taking two pills three times a day, I am evenly spacing out those six pills where I’m taking one every four hours.  I’ve been doing this for four days now and the effect is evident.  I am experiencing spasms of less intensity while increasing my functional time.

The game I play is like balancing on the head of a pin.  You don’t just lean to the left or the right.  You fall off to the left or the right.  Finding the equilibrium point is an immense challenge.  I’m hoping that these new choices that I’m making is putting me in a better place.

Four days into it and it seems to be having a positive effect.

In Christ,

Jay C. Theriot