Military Honors, Presented

Shortly after I wrote the previous article, the spasms reignited.  In all, they started around 9 am on Monday and didn’t finish until about 2 am on Wednesday.  I got a couple hours of sleep and then went to my father’s funeral.

I reveled in the military honors. I read the 2nd reading.  And, then I was pretty well done.

To accomplish this, I had to go all out with my meds.  I stayed in contact with my neurologist via text.  I told him what my medication plan was and he held his breath waiting for me to collapse and meet him at the ER.  Attending the funeral and rendering my father honors was that important.

I started the day contacting some of the guys from my old unit.  I took a photo of my collar, tie and cross.  My collar had my last unit’s crest on it.  My tie was nice, but it supported my heavy steel cross.

One of my old NCOs said I looked good, and gave me a prayer.  The military is the biggest fraternity in the world.  Once in, you never leave. Discharged or not.

My dad may not have been as present as he should have been in my life, but he was a sailor.  He served in the military and that got him honors.

May he rest in eternal sanctuary.  He has been in pain a long time.  He has now been released.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot