Made it Through a Play!

My first successful public outing in over a year was to a delightful rendition of “The Fantastics” produced by the marvelous Pat Crochet.  I adore that woman.  She has brought many plays to the stage in her career and I hope she continues to do so for years to come.


I did relatively nothing all day. I went to visit my neighbors during the 8 am hour, but that quickly went bust.  I had to hurry home after only a few sips of coffee and take some muscle relaxers.

I took my first Zanaflex before 9 am.

I ended up sleeping until 11 am.

I fed myself, and then stayed in my cool room until company came around 1 pm to retrieve my daughter for a sleep over.

I returned to my cold room and did some paperwork.

As the even approached I started feeling bad, but I powered through it.

I drank a BCAA at 6 pm and then rested a while.

When we arrived, I took a Lortab around 7 pm.

I started having spasms 1/2 way through the first act, but I kept it quiet.  My wife retrieved a Zanaflex from my bag.

By the end of the play, my legs were numb and my right arm was solid as a brick with limited feeling, but I made the play!

On the way home, my wife purchased us some frozen yogurt!!

I took my evening meds and chatted with an old friend through social media until I had eaten enough crackers to settle my stomach.  I miss him. He was an esteemed coworker, who also has a ultra-rare genetic condition.  We worked very well together.  He is a phenomenal person.  He remarks to be the person I would aspire to be if I were growing up in this time.

I then slept through the night, even my 1 am medication alarm did not wake me.  My 5 am one did.  Which is where I am.  5 am, taking meds and drinking coffee.  My muscles are not in agony from last night, but I can definitely feel them scream.  I will likely remain in my chair today to let them heal and so I don’t injure myself further.

In all, it was a very successful outing. I have residuals to deal with today, but I am still claiming success!

Many thanks to my beautiful wife for making it so.  I could not have done this without her.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot