Is the Myetin working on my efferent nervous system?

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About two months after I started taking Myetin, I regained my afferent (sensory) nerves.  I had lost feeling over about 70% of my body, my sense of smell, taste and I was having hearing issues.  All those have returned, although, there is no sense of “listening.”  My lovely wife will vouch for that.

My problem lies with the efferent (motor) nerves.  How will I know if the Myetin is repairing those nerves?  That is the whole point.  Regaining function.

With the afferent nerves, I became acutely aware when the specific nerves regained viability.  The area would become hypersensitive. It was a funny time.  I sometimes felt like I could literally feel people looking at me. Then, over a period of 18 – 36 hours, my brain would calibrate the response and sensory input would normalize.

But, what metric will slap me in the face to let me know the motor neurons are coming back?  What should I expect?

I’m not certain, but I think I may have an answer.  The last couple of nights, this one included, I wake from a dead sleep burning up.  Not drenched in sweat, but just uncomfortably hot.  I feel warm all over.

Heat causes my muscles to violently cramp and spasm. I sleep in temperatures in the 60s to help prevent them.  The 60s have not been low enough for the last three days. 

I am recovering from considerably damaging my muscles last week.  I’ve been in a chair most of the last two weeks.  I can walk short distances, but then I pay.  I can’t say definitively that I’ve regained function in my muscles because of the path I’ve traversed in the last couple of weeks.

I’m not sure what is happening, but it is happening. I dream of a day when I can travel a distance to visit friends.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

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