I can type again! Yeah! and fallout from yesterday.

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Finger Resetting

Evidently in yesterday’s episode, my body decided to dislocate the ring finger on my right hand and pretty much all the fingers on my left hand.

I woke up during the night and before I was fully awake, manipulated a finger or two on my left hand and they reset properly.  Fully awake, I continued to reset the rest of my fingers.

This is not as horrible a process as you would think.  What I do is bend my fingers a little.  Then twist them back and forth until they reset.  You may have to do each finger a few times until it gets into the perfect position.  Relief will be immediate.

Fallout, remnants from yesterday’s episode.

Strained or Pulled muscles cover about 60% of my body.  With the help of my meds, I’m walking with a walker this morning.  I expect to be in the chair later.  I’m shocked that I’m doing as well as I am.

I do want to shoot photos of the moon.  It is a clear night and the moon is full.  However, I’m not that good at the moment.  I do have to say photography is a heck of an incentive to work myself to get better.  I just wish I could enlarge the world in which I can shoot photos.  I’m hoping with the work the Myetin is doing, I’ll regain function enough to actively shoot in locations away from home.  One target I want to shoot, in activism, is the Apple Snails that are invading our environment.  I would like to do a spread, with researched articles, identifying why this invasive species must be stopped.

A Debt of thanks to a neighbor

During the onset of the event, I could feel it coming on and coming on strong.  I had no spasms!!! But, I could feel the muscles pulling, and contorting and becoming steal.

I quickly sent an email to the managers of a fair that my game is going to be played at today. I told them I was likely not going to be there this morning.  However, I think I may be able to.  My daughter is getting service hours, so I have to drop her off.  I’m going to load up my chair and a laptop and see if everything is going well. Then return home and monitor the servers.

I then messaged my neighbor, asking her to come over for coffee. I was having an event and it was scaring me.  She came and stayed with me until things settled down.

I don’t always get scared during episodes.  However, this one was different.  It lacked spasms, which was a great thing.  Even though there were no spasms, the muscles were tightening up quick and hard.  One of the earmarks is tears flow from my face due to my facial muscles tightening around the tear ducts.  There is no controlling it.  They just flow.

I had a few cramps and twists. My abdominal wall contorted under my pump which, not usually painful, completely freaks me out.  The muscle wall contorting against an embedded metal object is really freaky.

After the episode completed, my wonderful neighbor went back to her home.  I cannot express how thankful I am that she was here.

I knew things were going to hurt later.  She left, I ate and then finally slept.

When I woke up.  It was payback time. My body realized it’s potential to inflict pain.  I superloaded my body with protein, muscle relaxers and pain killers, causing my muscles to relax and heal.

This morning, I am thankful to God, my neighbor and modern medical professionals.  They are the true heroes in this event.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

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