Hope is Stronger

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In short, I would like to say that we have achieved a major breakthrough.  I think the regimen I called “The Method” is working.  By dead reckoning, I have had two events in as many days which we treated with “The Method.”  Each kicked of with a minor spasm.  After consuming the BCAA, the spasms ceased.  I continued with the rest of the plan.  My wife is so impressed that she wants to rename it “ABORT!”  I’m in agreement with her. 

After the second event, I am sore, and I am fatigued.  However, I experienced no disastrous spasms.  The event progressed as normal.  I had all the other symptoms, minus the spasms.  I know I keep repeating the phrase.  I am very emphatic about their departure.  I can equate a spasm to getting struck with lightning.  I have torn muscles with these evil beings.  Muscles are routinely pulled by the force of the electrical discharge.  Their absence was duly noting.

The Abort regimen:

  1. With onset of symptoms consume a BCAA & creatine drink with haste.
  2. Drink a second BCAA (no creatine) during the event.
  3. Drink water and sleep, if possible.
  4. Upon conclusion of the event, ingest ~50 g of protein.  I drink 25 g and eat a 20 g cookie.
  5. Fifteen minutes after the protein, drink electrolyte drink and water in the ratio of double the water to the electrolyte.

Abort worked twice.  I feel like my body has been slammed to the ground a few times.  However, I have no torn muscles.  I would have to say that I have strained muscles all over my body, but no real pulls and definitely no tears.

I pray that we have found something that works against these spasms.  I have not reported in to my neurologist as of yet.  I should be meeting with him in the next week or so.

Realize, that if you try this, your results will be different.  Nothing repeats itself.  Additionally, I consume large doses of various medications not named in this article or blog which take care of a lot of the chronic issues.  For example, I take Horizant to addresses nerve pain from damaged nerves.  It is fairly expensive, but it makes living with myself possible.

I am not a doctor, nor a medical person.  I am simply a mathematician with a knack for research and the experimental method of holding as many variables constant while gauging the effects of changing just one thing at a time.  Do not attempt this on your own without consulting your medical team.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

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