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My last article Supporting Documentation for “The Method” indicated that I would change the things I did in response to an event in alignment to Shannon Clark’s bodybuilding method to prepare your body for an intense workout.

A few hours after I published the article, I started into an event.  I slammed a BCAA.  Followed by drinking one.  It was late in the evening.  I fell asleep halfway through the second BCAA.  By the time I was drifting of to sleep, I remember thinking, “This is working.”  My muscles were considerably tight… but, I was absent the spasms.

When I awoke at 12:30 am.  I felt the damage to my muscles.  However, I could walk.  The damage to the muscles was no where near as severe as previous events. One trial does not make a trend.  Nor does it prove anything.  However, I almost look forward to the next event.  I didn’t follow through with the protein until hours later.  I didn’t finish the second BCAA.  There were things I didn’t do correctly.  However, I believe the BCAA, for some reason, abated the more severe affects of the spasmodic event.

Today, I had an appointment mid-day.  Mid-day is generally a bad time for me.  I ate 20 g of protein one hour prior, and drank 2 BCAAs about 30 minutes prior to the event.  I drank water through the appointment.  The hour-long appointment went well.  My only complaint was my lower back was tight and I had to move around to stretch it out.  After the appointment, I went on a short shopping trip.  I pushed a buggy.  I didn’t ride or us a cane.  I pushed a buggy! 

After checkout, I was happy to make it to my automobile.  There was no question where I was headed… home.  I was whipped, but I had freedom!  I really think the method is working.  I need to go through more events before I consider this effective.

I found another medical report that suggested another drink to add to the mix.  Creatine, as my friend suggested I try yesterday, appears in the report.  Evidently, the chemical carriers that get the creatine to do what it needs to do is at a diminished quantity in KD Patients.  I need to read it a few more times and do additional research as to the implementation of the drink/powder.  But, that is for another day. Creatine, compared to the protein and BCAA mixes, is cheap.  I am curious about the chemical makeup of my body.  It seems that KD Patients have a lot out of whack.

So, until next time, I am tired.  I plan on getting sleep tonight… without spasms.  I cannot express the hope I feel in words.  If I can abate the spasms, my life would change.  I have lived with stretched, pulled or torn muscles for two years now.  The concept of not having them is foreign to me.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

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