Grabbing the Tiger by the Tail

The last two days have been incredible (in a comparative sense).   I was able to walk 8400 steps (a bit with my wonderful wife) yesterday and did a bit of driving today.  I went out on a photo excursion with my mother-in-law today.  Other than being exhausted, and a few sore spots here and there, my muscles are doing incredible.

The collapse has had a number of silver linings. The major one is our new ability to be proactive.  The medications prescribed to take in addition to the ITB pump when I’m having acute issues are actually effective.  The result is when I feel that I have done to much, the regular taking of the meds helps lesson the veracity of the spastic event.  They last a long time (3 days), but the pain and debilitation is much less.  A day of rest at the end, along with the feeling as though I were in a fight, are the minimal side affects of an attack.  Prior, it would leave me in a wheel chair that I would rarely get out of.  A vast improvement.

Being able to do things requires a significant amount of planning and recovery.  But, I can do.  I am doing. I will do.  I’ve got that tiger by the tail and I’m holding on.

Thanks and God Bless,

Jay C. Theriot