Ghost Feelings

Things that aren’t real, but they are.

Beginning this week, I’ve noticed a new weirdness consisting of vibrations and ghost sensations.  I think this is happening due to the increase in meds causing an overall elongation of the events.  I can now, more fully appreciate the spasmodic events.  The have gone from being 24/7 without treatment, to every 2-3 days lasting 8-10 hours to where they are now: 24 hours, and every 4-5 days.

Kathy thinks that the severity is the same, but my perception is more acute.  I tend to agree.  I will say my perception of what feelings in my body are real, I call in to question frequently.

I find that when I lie still, there is a vibration in my body.  The first time I noticed it, I thought I had fallen asleep on my cell phone and it was going off.  The cell phone was on my desk…with a dead battery (it’s charged now).  I assumed that you could see my flesh vibrating with this sensation, however, it happened again while I was resting next to Kathy and she said there was no discernible movement in my body.  It was an internal feeling. A ghost.  My neurological system is so screwed up, I now have ghosts living in side of me. — If there weren’t enough of us in here as it is. LOL.

The internal ghost vibrations have ghost heating pads to keep them company.  I feel like I have a heating pad applied to the outside of my body, and it keeps moving.  The warm spots last for about a minute then move.  It keeps life interesting.

One thing of note: The spasm I had Friday night (I referred to it as a lightning spasm) did some lasting damage.  I’m walking, kinda, with the help of a krutch, or wheelchair.  Either is difficult.  I’ve injured about 60-70% of the muscles in the left side of my being, from head to toe.  Mobility is an issue again. I can’t put weight on my left leg, and my left arm is in sufficient pain to make operating the wheel of a chair difficult, and painful.  I generally choose to gimp around on a crutch because I can suspend my weight on it.  I’m trying to heal the muscles using the RICE technique as much as I can. Hopefully, mobility will improve in a couple of days.

Thanks for reading, God Bless,

Jay C. Theriot