First Attempt at Attending a Meeting

This evening I am planning on attending a meeting that generally lasts two hours.  It will be the longest I will be out of the house for non-medical reasons since December.

In order to increase the possibility of me being able to attend the full meeting, I am taking the following steps:

  1. No driving today, until the event.
  2. Exercise and stretching, in morning and afternoon.
  3. Oral Baclofen 45 minutes prior to the event.
  4. Rest.
  5. Bring cushion to the event to increase the comfort level of the chair.
  6. Arrive 15 minutes early to ascend the flight of stairs — this has me worried.  I haven’t done stairs since November.

I hope this is enough.  I really would like to start fulfilling some of my responsibilities, again.

People accuse me of having a brilliant mind.  What good is that mind if I cannot affect a change?

My challenges:

  1. Identify and accept my limitations
  2. Extend my abilities beyond my limitations
  3. Affect others for good.

These have always been my challenges since time spent in the military.  “Adapt and overcome” were my watchwords then.  They are every bit as relevant this day.

The biggest hurdle I see is having to stay still in my chair all this time.  I believe I’m going to ask for dispensation to move during the meeting.  It will be distracting to others, but I may have to get up and walk around.

That could work.

Thanks for reading, and God Bless,

Jay C. Theriot