Coffee and Conversations with Compadres

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I tried something different.  I wanted company.  I usually invite a single person over for coffee.  This time, I invited three people over.

The result was amazing.  I found myself just watching people interact.  Not talking to me, but talking to one another. 

I really cannot wait to do it again.  My heart had a lost piece replaced.

The issue, I believe, is when you are a lock in, you are rarely around activity.  Sure, I’ve had people over for dinner parties since I’ve been locked in, but they were about entertaining people. This was cozy.  This was intimate.  I was able to just serve coffee (my mother-in-law did that) and cake (one of my friends made an amazing pumpkin cake.)  We just talked.  They just talked.  They stayed longer than we originally planned.  I was honored and intrigued.

I didn’t realize how much I missed being able to be part of small-group interactions.  I feel emboldened.

Yes, I collapsed after they left.  Yes, there was recovery time.  Yes, there was pain.  But, what I am leaning in living with this disease is you must sacrifice pain for doing things you love.  The intense pain and the threat thereof is the prison guard.  That is what really makes the prison.  You can show no fear.  You just live your life, trying not to over do it too much, and be prepared to pay the price.

In the case of Coffee and Communication with Compadres, the price was well spent.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

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