Amazon Alexa Services as Disability Aids

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The last four days has seen me quite troubled and humbled.  Until yesterday, I was testing four Amazon Echo Dots as disability assistants.  Yesterday, I was bathing and I realized a bit of panic while in the Tub.

I had transferred the Echo Dot from my bedroom to the bathroom to listen to the news.  I didn’t connect my cell phone and was thus, in a tub of water, barely abled and cut off from the world.  If I had an issue in the tub… Well, I think you can see the bit of panic.

I have just ordered two additional Echo Dots.  They will be placed in inconspicuous location in each of our bathrooms.  I even ordered them white so they will blend in with their surroundings.

If you have someone with mobility issues, I can’t recommend this device strongly enough.  They must be paired with a cell phone to make calls, but they work beautifully. 

You can play music, either from an online service or a home media server.

Among functions I use to help me are: listening to news with a command, setting reminders or alarms, intercom, music throughout the house, bible verse of the day, and on and on.

For a small investment, the effect on the quality of my life as been great.

I didn’t have trouble in the tub this time.  But, I am insuring that I will never be cut off from help again.

Thanks for reading,  in Christ.

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

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