Accommodation #3 – Plastic Dinnerware

Yes, plastic dinnerware. Not just glassware, but cups, plates, wine glasses, etc. Virtually everything that I come into contact with must be durable. I am the test of the durability of an object.

I’ve got some cool cups from Amazon: UPSTYLE Retro Coffee Mug Eco-friendly Wheat Straw Lightweight 13.5oz Unbreakable Drink Cup Tumblers Biodegradable Plastic Mug with Handle for Water, Coffee, Milk, Tea

We also purchased some groovy melamine plates from Pfaltzgraph.  Patio Garden 32 Piece Melamine Set.  Unfortunately, I managed to break the plastic tumblers in record time.  We went to Big Lots and purchased some more tumblers that are indestructible and have ridges on the outside of the design so I can hold onto them.

Additionally, I have disposable 10 oz stemware cups.  The stemware cups are the easiest for me to clamp down on when my hands are really misbehaving.

In all, between two and three hundred dollars went into getting items that I could use to put food into my mouth.  However, we now own things that either bounce, or are cheaply replaced.  I do miss drinking out of a heavy beer glass, or a fine wine glass.  However, it is better to be able to taste the flavor than to break glass and having to clean up the beverage from the floor.

Note:  My condition is progressing and more symptoms are appearing and older ones are getting more pronounced.  I’ve limited my time spent writing about them because I fail to see the point any longer.  Writing about them depresses me, as I see the words on the page that I don’t want to speak.  Of note, I now have lung issues.  It seems my chest muscles are constricting strong enough to restrict my breathing.  Additionally, from aspirating, I have a cyst growing.  I’m now taking CT Scans ever 3 months to insure the cyst doesn’t turn cancerous.  All this adds up to a rather low oxygen level usually between 89-95%.  I have not walked unaided in weeks, and I’ve fallen twice in the last 48 hours.  I am covered in bruises.  Things are not rosy, by any means.  There is much more to be said, but you’ll have to contact me privately, preferably with coffee.