Accommodation #2 – Door Entry Ways, Ramps

We have four points of ingress/egress in our home.  Two remain unmodified.

Our garage door was simple. I made a ramp out of plywood and mounted it with cement anchors.  Or should I say, I designed it and my mechanic friend came by and mounted it.

The sliding glass door was a little more difficult.  We ground off the safety catch, leaving enough to prevent a burglary, but having it wide enough for me to get my mobility aids through.

An additional ramp was made from my deck to my brick patio.  The glass-door and ramp modifications allow me to sit in the Sun.  I went a considerable amount of time not being able to get in the Sun because of the lack of ramps.  Now, I have full range of the house and back yard.  I can even wheel my chair to my neighbor’s place.

That is the extent of my world.

My mother-in-law and I were chatting the other day.  A growing concern is my reluctance to leave my castle.  Leaving it is guaranteed considerable pain requiring recovery time.  I dream about doing things, but transportation is the snafu.

I recently had four straight days of doctor visits.  I think my body just finished its recovery.  The last visit was four days ago.

My wife did bring me to my mother’s and I was able to show Mom the things I’ve been doing.  She was especially interested in the photographs I took of the flowers and fauna.  “Where did I go to take them?” she asked.  My wife and I explained, our back yard.  Some of them are taken crawling on the ground.  I sit so still, drinking coffee, that a pair of cardinals no longer feel threatened by me.  I drink coffee in the morning Sun while they eat seed from about 6′-8′ away.  They are M/M Cardinal.  And they are welcome friends.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot