20181005 – Day 8 of Botox, 2.5 Months on Byotin

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It’s been a solid week after the Botox injections into my left and right adductors.  Pain levels pre- and post-procedure are astronomically different.  Occasional spasms in the adductors still occur.  However, they are muffled and the associated pain dissipates quickly. I am sooooo looking forward to getting my chest muscles done.

We have reduced the global pain level enough that I can identify a multitude of knotted muscles.  An estimate of about 15 knotted muscles would be fair.  Complaining about the pain inherent to those problem areas seems childish compared to the pain I have felt consistently for many moons.

The Myetin is amazing me.  I have to trim my nails with the bigger clippers or file them down.  My hair is silky smooth and my scalp is releasing oils like never before.  And, I have regained considerable amounts of sensory in areas global to my body.  I’m starting to believe the Myetin is a miracle medical food.

My neurologist added in a medical food called CerefolinNAC. Cerefolin is supposed to help with the overall health of my nerves.  With the combination of Myetin and Cerefolin NAC, my nerves should be on the road to a better health.

The spasticity issues persist.  However, they have changed and I am having difficulty noticing the early-onset symptoms.  My dogs can tell, even if I can’t.  I start getting angry and frustrated because I can’t move.  That is the first symptoms I become aware of.  Then, within a few minutes, my body goes rigid, and things really start to go bad.  At that point, I don’t even like myself.  I take my medications and cloister myself in my room.

Muscle contortions still wake me up in my sleep.  I _really_ do not like that feeling.  Overall, the health of my muscles have greatly improved.  However, I still drop like a rock when the condition ramps back up.  I get fatigued during the process and a length of rest post-event is a must.

My spirit is high.  I can see where we may not be defeating the beast, but we are making strides in my general health.

I realize that even though I feel really good after a treatment, I have to respect time for the muscles to heal.  Monday, I pushed myself.  It’s Friday and I’m still in recovery mode.  But, each day is getting better.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

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