20181003 Day 6 post-Botox

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I had a major set-back on Monday, Oct. 1, 2018.  I over extended myself.  One of the major problems with treatments that deprive you of pain is that you forget that the underlying condition is still there. You just don’t feel it.

Monday, I forgot this rule.  I drove myself downtown (about a 10 minute drive in a really comfortable vehicle).  Engaged with my beautiful wife at our favorite soul-food restaurant.  Dropped her back off at work. 

A block after dropping her after work, I was made aware that I was in trouble.  My legs… oh, my.  I couldn’t get home fast enough.  Arriving at home, I could barely make it from my auto to my kitchen.  I begged my puppies to get my walker or my wheelchair.  They responded by bringing me toys to play with.

With considerable pain and effort, I made it to my safe area:  My room, with a window A/C that I use to drop the temperature of the room to the low 60s.  I took both a Lortab and a Zanaflex.  My legs felt as if they were coated in gasoline and set ablaze.

My daughter came home from school and packed me in ice.  It helped.

Two days later, I am of limited functionality.  I can walk, carefully, to the kitchen to retrieve coffee and other items.  My walking distance is considerably reduced.  My legs just give out after being in use for more than a couple of minutes. I am going to use my wheelchair going forward to give the muscles time to heal.

I must say that the Abort! method is working well.  I’m super-loading my body with protein and I feel that I’m making a rapid recovery.  Monday was horrific.  Tuesday was humbling.  Today, I’m of sound mind, if not body.  My legs are only lightly on fire.  There is a flicker once in a while.  Prior to using the Abort! method, this path would have taken weeks.  During which time, I would have had more spasms that would have damaged the muscles further.  The Abort! method is giving me a fighting chance at getting my muscles in the best shape possible for the next attack.

I am just incredibly thankful my wife and friends helped me develop that protocol.  It works for me. 

The Botox injections are a must.  After my screw up, about mid-day Tuesday, the pain from the damage I inflicted to my legs started to subside.  The adductors treated by the Botox injections were the first to stop hurting.  The remaining muscles in my legs remained markers of my insolence.  It felt weird.  The area of most damage did not hurt.  I know they are considerably damaged because I can’t use them, but the pain they generate is gone.

In my arrogance, I damaged a good portion of the skeletal muscles in my body.  I have knots all over my body.  The knots are subsiding.  I believe a masseuse would have a coronary attack and demand I stay for a three-hour deep-tissue massage upon assessing my situation.  My body is demanding an incredible amount of sleep.  The body needs food and sleep to repair.  The protein, creatine and BCAA provide the tools the muscles need.  The sleep allows the body to focus its energy on fixing what I broke.

Christ is with me always.  I hope, with his help, these manuscripts help others.  In many ways, I feel like Tycho Brahe waiting for Kepler to make sense of my logging of the planets.  I can see there are laws of motion, but I am too enmeshed in the topic to see the larger picture.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot

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