20180331 – The Ugh Continues

I took my meds at 6 am.  It is now 6:23.  I need to set my alarm to take meds 1/2 hour or more before I need to take them.  Otherwise, they wear off and I feel like I do.  Everything is stiff and in pain.  Pain isn’t that bad.  It’s only at about a level 6.  It wasn’t 9+ like it was yesterday.

I’m exhausted and barely functional.  And I can’t sleep because of the pain.

I’ve got an appointment Tuesday, but I may check in with the doc to get a bolus on Monday.  It’s not that simple because the container is almost empty so it will have to be refilled in the process.

I am wondering if since it’s nearing empty that I’m getting less meds than I normally get.  It really feels that way.