20180330 – Ugh – Spastic Event During Service

I thought I was doing well.  I slept all night, took my meds at 5 am, then slept until 10 am.  I woke up to fresh-brewed coffee made by my daughter.  I called her an angel.

Woke the wife up.  Got ready, went to church. Talked to people.  I set the recorder in action. I sat down for mass.

About 1/4 hour into the mass, I started trembling.  About 1/2 hour into mass we had to leave because I was spasming so bad my tearducts and my sinuses had gotten into it.

I thought we had crossed a bridge and were on the way down from the 2 week spastic event.  Not only are we not down.  We are at the worst level we have been at.

I feel like I’ve undone 6 months of work.

I’m waiting for some major meds to kick in, then I’ll be asleep until they stop working.


In Christ,