2018 January 27th, Ramping Up Again

It is very difficult for me to answer the question, “How are you doing?”  Do you want to know how I am at that moment?  If you see me and I’m out of the house, I’m doing a whole lot better than I normally am.

If you want the truth, things are ramping up again.  Monday, 5 days ago, I requested to be sedated for 24 hours and hospitalized.  I did this because the pain was extreme and nothing we did would stop it.

I had a really good day Wednesday.

Last night, my muscles were so taught that you could see them bulge.

The last time things were progressing like this, what helped the most was an accidental overdose.  Monday we tried to mimic that, but in a much lower dose.  The 50 mcg bolus was a miracle.

I am praying that my muscles relax soon.  The pain is steadily increasing.  It is already to a point where my mental focus is wavering.

God Be with me,

Jay C. Theriot