2018 January 21st, Description of Pain from Spasticity

The last 24 hours has not been the best experience, but I feel I can accurately describe the pain of extreme spasticity.

Imagine that you flex your bicep to show it off to a person that isn’t paying attention so you have to hold it for a while.  It starts to hurt and burn.

Spread that feeling all over your person and amplify it.  That is how my body feels right now.  My torso and arms feel like I’m a weight lifter.  My legs feel tight, like I’ve ran two miles.  I used to feel this way after a really good work-out in the military.

Unfortunately, I feel this good because I have medicated the pain low enough to discern the tightness from the pain.  As I am typing this, I can feel each of the muscles that drive the fingers scream out.  The meds will wear off.  I will have to take more.

You take the muscle issues described above and then throw in some neuropathy.  I have burning sensations in my hands and feet that radiate up to my groin and my armpits. It makes my body a wonderland.  Sorry, John Mayer, not exactly what you had in mind.  My wonderland makes you wonder why you want to be there. LOL.

If I had to rate my spasticity right now, it would probably be about a 8/10.  I can still function, but I also feel the pain growing.  No one treatment I have in my back works.  I have to do them all.  When the family wakes up in an hour, I will proceed to soak in the tub, rub pain-reducing salve on me, take gobs of medication and then sit back, listen to the Bible read to me from Alexa, and then probably put “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” on.  The movie relaxes me.  I love the juxtaposition of the three main characters.

In the past a flare up would last between 36 to 72 hours. I’m less than 24 into this one.  I can’t really tell you when it started.  Last evening, the pain was great enough for me to take all my extra meds.  At midnight, I woke my wife up to rub Diclofenac gel on my back and I covered the rest of my body.

This morning, my muscles feel like snares on a drum.

With God’s strength, I will make it through.

Thanks, and God Bless,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot