2018 January 16, As Good as It Gets

Sunday & Monday have brought news that I needed time to process. Frankly, I’m not processing the information well, even now.

Act I:
Sunday morning I was doing well.  I even recorded audio and video of the Church Service.  My wife, daughter and I came home ate and I took a nap prior to the football game.

My wife had to beat me up to wake me up.  Even then, it took me a cup of coffee to regain my position in life.

We notified my neurologist.  He said that we have probably hit the maximum dosage of Baclofen that my body can handle with sleep apnea.  Going forward, I must wear my CPAP even if I think I’m going to dose.  The consequences could be grave.  At our next office visit, I will likely have my dosage reduced which will force us to accept a hire amount of spasticity.

The implications of that last statement mean I will be with my current limitations in perpetuity.  Actually, it will be worse, because we need to reduce the amount of Baclofen that is treating me.

Act II:

To cheer me up, my wife and I decided to go and visit my mother.  The visit is nice, but when my wife and I ride in a car together we sing….badly…. but we sing, and talk.  Being captive with the woman is a joy.

I walked into my mom’s without a cane and bragged.  I presented my latest photos of Natchitoches and things on the TV, and we sat down for coffee.  Within a short time, I felt my legs get to feeling strange.

We moved from the kitchen table to the livingroom.  It became evident, that I needed help.  I couldn’t control my legs enough to stand.  My wife helped get to a comfortable chair in the livingroom.  I took my oral Baclofen, because I started feeling the rigidity and lack of control set in.  I then decided to take the Horizant because pain started.  We began to leave.  I couldn’t stand.  When I put weight on my right leg, the muscle in my thigh knotted. Not cramped, it felt like it tied itself into a knot.

I shouted an explicit word for only the 2nd time in my mother’s presence.  She didn’t even react.  My wife nearly had to carry me to the car.

I didn’t sleep at home in the afternoon.  The burning sensation on my flesh was too great.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Attending the EpisComm 18 convention in North Carolina alone is off.
  2. I cannot travel out of my house without an assistant, or some recourse of action in the case that my disease temporarily wins.
  3. This is as good as it gets.

God be with us all.  With God’s strength, and will, my life will be whatever He allows me to be.

Thanks, and God Bless,

Jay C. Theriot