2018 January 15, A Friendly Reminder

I was doing so well.  I convinced myself that I could actually take a trip to a conference and survive and be productive.

I drove to my mom’s today. I did not need even a cane on arrival.  Thirty minutes later, I felt weird things in my legs.  Fifteen after that, Kathy was my support as I made it to the car.  My legs didn’t even want to stand me up.  I put weight on my legs and the muscles cramped (I say a cramp, but it felt like flesh was pulling from the bone) and I shouted the F-word in my mom’s house.

I made it home.  I’m taken meds, but I can’t sleep because I hurt too bad.  I want to save the Lortab so that I sleep tonight.

Yesterday, I had a significant event that scared the Hades out of my wife.  I toke an oral Baclofen, and took a nap without my CPAP.  She had to beat the Hades out of me to wake me up.

Between yesterday and today, I was reminded why I’m disabled.

Frustrated, and in pain, I write this blog entry. I need to meditate and remind myself that I have value.  It is very difficult to do that sometimes.  Especially when everything hurts.

Thanks, and God Bless,

Jay C. “Twitch” Theriot