2018 January 11th – Fatigue

Since last Saturday, 5 days running, my rigidity has been high.  All I can ascribe this to is that my condition must be on a cycle where it gets worse and then lessens.

Yesterday morning, I was consumed with pain.  This morning, is not so bad, however, I am fatigued.

I’m arriving at the decision I know very little, and I may just have to give it all to Him and let Him sort it out.  This disease is beyond my comprehension.  I’ve tried to make sense of it for a year now. I am only microns closer to understanding it.  We are making progress in learning to deal with it.

With planning and drugs at the ready, I can sometimes coerce my body into having abilities for an extended period.  However, afterward, there is recovery.

Very little of this makes any sense to me.

Thanks for reading and God Bless,

Jay C. Theriot