2018 February 6th, Finally Vertical

Wow.  That cycle peaked for about 54 hours.  I am back walking without much assistance.  I’m using a cane to provide surety.

My symptoms have diminished, a fair amount.  My joints are popping, which is always a good sign. My skin is on fire, which is becoming the norm, and I can even feel my osteoarthritis.  (Strangely enough, feeling my OA has become a blessing.)

Things are back to the new norm.

I have found that taking members of the cocktail in response to subtle differences in symptoms provides a measure of relief while not getting me completely out of it.

I have also found though the pain levels have been decreased, the level and length of debilitation has changed very little when things flare up.  The cycle of two to five days has changed very little.

Cheers! to a new day.  I look forward to seeing the Sun today.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot