2018 February 28th – Kennedy’s Disease – Cost/Benefit Just Not There

Good news is my wife and her coworker found a disease that I match a bunch of symptoms for.  Bad news is the genetic test for it is out of reach.

See https://www.kennedysdisease.org/.

The problem is that it is a rare untreatable genetic disease with an expensive price tag.

Women are carriers (I have 1 brother and 6 sisters, and 3 daughters).  Only men have symptoms.  It would affect my grandchildren.  Up the ancestry, my father could have it, but then it goes beyond time.

It is progressive, but doesn’t shorten your life span.

Think on that last statement, and the implications of that.  Seems like Hell on Earth.

I have a new thin-line Bible coming in today.  God must be my guide.  It is in Him that I derive my peace and strength.

In Christ,

Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot