2018 February 19th, I’m Not Demented…Really?!

I was told I was not Demented.  Hah.  I beg to differ.
However, I was characterized as an “anomaly.” Not good when you are looking for a name.
I was looking for a formal tracking method to see if we could tell if the disease is progressive and degenerative, or is it in stasis and we can rest that this is as f’d up as I will get.

Without a diagnosis, no formal tracking methods can be named. However, I showed my tracking that I’m doing and it was judged that I was covering several key indicators and to keep doing it.  Below is the headers for the data points I’m collecting:


Date and Time From BP Cuff From Pulse-Ox Spasticity
5 is Norm
5 is Norm
Arm Pain
1 – 10
Leg Pain 1 – 10 Torso Pain 1 – 5 Self Evaluation
Sys Dys Pulse VO2 Pulse Symptoms Notes
My data analysis may have preempted a stroke risk.  Yes, the words “stroke risk” were used in our conversation.  In my collection, I noted that I rarely hit my “normal” blood pressure systolic/diastolic of 120/70.  I rarely dipped below 136/90, and was usually in the 140s and 50s over 90-100.  This along with my weak capillaries is not necessarily good.  Things could go really wrong, really quickly.  And as much as I profess my love of Christ, I’m not in a rush to visit Him at his home permanently.  I hope He has more work for me down here.
A medication was prescribed that will lower my spasticity as well as lower my BP.  I’m going to take it tonight, or not. I have a meeting tomorrow morning and I need to be alive for that meeting.  It was suggested that I start taking it on the weekend so my wife can monitor me.  So, I will likely wait until the weekend to take it.
We did have a very productive meeting.  Although we didn’t get everything answered, we are making progress.
One of the big things we talked about was how my wife and I were working through the events with the cocktail and the available medicines.  The fact that my body feels charged with electricity but cannot spasm is an incredible thing.  It means our efforts are having a positive effect.

I look at all the information that I have compiled and I am amazed at the problems that are going on in my body.  All because my electrical system is not functioning properly.  Very, very weird.  Writing about it and getting on paper has proven beneficial many times over.  The number of views of this blog as of this morning was 1714 total views.  I know people are watching and are concerned at some level.  Prior to blogging, being shunned by my family, I felt completely alone.  Raw numbers don’t lie.  Every time one of you reads an article of mine, it is incontrovertible to me that I count, albeit small, I do matter.  My ruinous body can do what it wants.  I will not be defeated.

Today’s doctor visit was no less than the 2nd time this blog has had an impact on my treatment success.  The first was with the Nurse in the CCU.  God Bless her.  She was beyond an angel.  I’m sure there are many others, small ones.  The obvious continuing benefit is that my thoughts and concerns are organized when I meet with my doctors.  Additionally, the catharsis it gives me is tremendous.  Today I was told I was at an increased level of risk for a stroke, and that I was a medical anomaly and I’m like, “another day in the life.” No skin off my nose.  I’m just taking it in stride.

Wow, just wow.
The biggest news of the day, is that my loving wife and I were having coffee on the deck when a male cardinal decided to try and get some bird seed about 4 feet away from us.  That was incredible.  We couldn’t get it to come back after I accidentally scared it away, but it was amazing for the fraction of a second he was near.
Creatures are beautiful.  I feel they are Gods way of letting us know we are one of many.  We are not alone.
In Christ,
Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot