2018 February 19th – Don’t Run, Forest, Don’t Run

I have got to remember not to walk fast with my cane, or ever.

I was doing good yesterday.  I woke up with tight muscles, but I took my extra Baclofen and things seems to relax.

I have all but finished my designs for recording video and audio at the church.  I was installing the audio recording devices and I realized I forgot one, all-important, wire.  I sprinted (a euphemism for shuffling as fast as I can with my cane) from the front of the church to the back, into my car retrieved the wire an proceeded to make the best recording, yet, done in that building.

However, the after effects were grave.

By the time the service started, I had to take a Zanaflex.  By the time we arrived at home, it was Lortab time.

This morning, my muscles continue to be on fire.  Holding items as light as my Kindle Fire for more than a few seconds is incredibly painful.

Today will likely be a medicated relax day and working on stretching out my muscles.

I’m hoping to set up the video equipment before Wednesday’s service.  At that point, using the infrastructure equipment at the church, bouncing it off my my infrastructure at home, I will be able to live-stream both audio and video to the globe, while recording them all.

Cool.  Painful, but cool.

Why I do this?  It is my mission.  I must touch others.  I can’t do it physically, but maybe, just maybe, by broadcasting the services from St. Matthew’s, I can inject some good into this world.

That is my mission and my prayer.

In Christ,
Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot