2018 February 10th, Flabbergasted (In a Good Way)

I am flabbergasted.
I was going over the stats of the various websites I produce. I do this occasionally to see how (if) they are performing.
My “Journey” has had 156 different readers with 428 views since the new year.
What gets my goat is that this particular blog is written by me for me and was done as a catharsis. I volley back and forth with killing it. But, it has more readers and visits than almost all my others combined. (I run one for my church that has almost as many views).
I will say, on the surface, my “Journey” seems horrible. But, contrarily, the path has taught me so much.  I have developed a sincere meaning of “friendship.”  I have developed spiritually.  I’ve been able to connect with people in methods and on levels I thought I had lost.
There have been so many “silver linings” to developing a disability, it is becoming hard to be angry at my body.  Oh, I will still get angry at my body, as there are many things I wish I could do that I like will never be able to do again.  But, I am learning that I will be “O.K.” without ever doing them.

I have been wanting to produce photos of an astronomical body.  I shot the Moon during an eclipse.  It is not the best photos of the Moon around.  In fact, I have a family member that has produced an incredible time-lapsed sequence that I’ll never be able to rival.  But, I produced decent images for my ability and my equipment.

This “Journey,” as I am learning, is all about balance.  I have to constantly learn my limitations (as they change like a roller coaster), push them a little bit, but not so much as to injure myself.  I have to achieve a new balance in many other aspects of my life.  I have yet to arrive at my destination.  I guess that is why we decided to call it a “Journey.”
As always, Thanks for Reading,
In Christ,
Jay C. “Jazzy_J” Theriot