2017 October 28th – Spasticity on the Rise

From mid-day yesterday until now, there was an increase in my spasticity.  It was so intense at some point that just touching things with my fingers hurt.  Any move I make causes at least level 6 pain.  I feel like I’m a “Tin Man” again.  I’m going in to Gervais on Monday to get an increase in the ITB.  I don’t know that anything I do makes any difference.  I tried working out and I think that may have contributed to my situation.

I need to get smart and understand my disease.  I’m failing. It is really a quality-of-life requirement.

My hands are so tight that just making a fist pops all my joints in my hand.

I am handling the situation better mentally.  I understand this is the way it is going to be and I have severe limitations.

I need to position myself to where I can do things and be productive, but use voice recognition to accomplish the tasks.  I need to do some code writing but I have a system that is working well enough to translate the spoken word into program code.  If I could pull that off, then I could really do things with my web-site.  *nix has a program called Simon that shows promise.  I tried setting it up earlier, but I was in too much pain to focus enough to follow the directions.  I think I’m going to give it a go again.

Microsoft VR sucks.  Google on my Android phone is the best.  But, I need a desktop system.  I can’t code on my cell.  (An Android tablet could fit the bill, but I’m not willing to spend the dough on one that could do everything I need it to.)

There are so many things I wanted to do.  I can’t see a path to being able to physically do them anymore.  I feel like my life is over and I’m just waiting to die.  The irony is that at 49, I’m expected to add another 30-40 years onto that number.  I’ve always have had a 5-year plan.  Now, I can’t plan for later in the day.